1. Customer acquisition…

Which tactics to improve lead generation for your organization?

«Marketing teams continue to focus mainly on three channels: Website, email and social media marketing.»*

Reference: SWISS GROUP – WEIGHING EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER. + 20 000 qualified contacts registered in 4 years through their lead generation program implemented by MARKETING TACTICS – Multi-lingual program (FR, ENG, GER)

2. Educate, inform,… Give your customers what they expect!

More efficient content for targeted groups

« 72 % of B2B content creators indicated that the creation of more attractive content was their top priority for 2016. »*

Reference: A GROUP OF ON-SITE CRECHES entrusted the writing of its web & corporate content to MARKETING TACTICS to ensure consistent and controlled communication.

3. Enhance your customer experience

Customer experience is considered as a source of influence to improve and multiply, while controlling its publication.

«By 2020, Customer experience(s) will occupy a more important place than the price in the decision process of the buyer B2B».*

Reference: A GERMAN INDUSTRIAL GROUP OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND OPTICAL MEASUREMENT publishes a quarterly customer testimony which is adapted into French by MARKETING TACTICS, in charge of coordinating its circulation through multiple sales channels.

4. Meet your audience: create your own bespoke events

Strengthen relationships with your customers, prospects, partners, influencers with interactive event communications.

«Personalizing the event and integrating Digital marketing tools into the whole process is a must.»*

Reference: AMERICAN GROUP – IT DISTRIBUTORorganizes an annual event based on “Business Meetings», scheduled and booked on a website dedicated to the event, open to all participants.

5. Improve corporate communication through social networks.

Show a consistent image of your business & organize diffusion of information on LinkedIn, Viadeo, Facebook…

«72.6% of business that have integrated social media in their marketing process perform better than their competitors.».*

Reference: AMERICAN COMPANY – DISTRIBUTOR OF MATERIALS AND HARDWARE COMPONENTS FOR FLUID SYSTEMS, employed MARKETING TACTICS to interview and write profiles for the management team and business executives.

6. Outsource the “Operational Marketing” function

Control costs and benefit from the services of specialized operational consultants.

«The vast majority of companies that outsource this function do it for external communication programmes and especially to introduce a set of new technologies in their process.»*

Reference: FRENCH SUBSIDIARY OF A SWISS INDUSTRIAL GROUP. A consultant was made available to the company for 6 months to develop and deploy, with sales management, a specific marketing plan for a new product line : annual sales target achieved in 6 months.

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* Source : Oracle – Rapport Marketing Multicanal 2015 & Marketing moderne 2016, Etude Gartner 2015 «Webcontent Management»