Three-quarters of marketers prioritising short-term tactics over long-term strategy

By Sarah Vizard, News editor Marketing Week


The majority of marketers are prioritising short-term tactics over long-term strategy, while finance bosses believe marketing is still based on short-term impact.

According to a survey of the marketing industry by the IPA and ISBA, 75% of marketers and 73% of agencies agree that short-term tactical needs often take priority over longer-term objectives. Some 58% of marketers and 43% of agencies agree marketing direction regularly changes to meet the demands of the marketplace, with just 22% and 26% respectively disagreeing.

Just 14% of marketers and 4% of agency execs “strongly agree” that marketing objectives focus on the long-term (the next one-to-three years), while 22% and 60% respectively disagree strongly.

Yet 59% of marketers “strongly agree” they have a short-term (one-to-six months) plan in place, with 34% of agencies agreeing.

This is mirrored in finance professionals’ experience of marketing. None of those questioned “strongly agree” that the marketing objectives they sign off are long-term, while 50% say they sign off short-term plans. Some 20% “strongly disagree” that marketing plans are long-term in view. Read more.


(Source article and illustration Marketing Week – 09/10/2018)