femme qui court Marketing and communication services At MARKETING TACTICS, we are immersed in the world of marketing and communication. Keeping a close eye on developments in operational marketing methodologies, media and technology comes naturally, and enables us to develop the most appropriate, innovative and creative campaigns for our clients.

Marketing Action Plan : Developing the most effective marketing tools depend on an in-depth understanding of strategy.

  • Analyse the target
  • Review the objectives
  • Define performance indicators
  • Select media and support, communication tools in line with available budget
  • Organise planning

Development and implementation of communication support : Press, Web, Video

  • Graphic Design
  • Execution
  • Adaptation
  • Localisation

Sales Force Incentive Programmes

  • Proposal of sales events for sales force and distribution network
  • Development of themes to bring the sales plan to life, prize selection
  • Implementation of follow-up programme in line with results

Internal Communication : Letting your collaborators know : getting the message out there.

  • Development and implementation of presentation support – Web, Multimedia, Print
  • Ongoing development of all support material