Operational Marketing

Developing the most effective marketing tools depends on a in-depth understanding of strategy.

  • Marketing Action Plan.
  • Development and implementation of communication support : Graphic Design, Execution, Adaptation, Localisation.
  • Getting the message Right.

Internal Communication

Letting collaborators know : getting the message out there.

  • Development and implementation of presentation support : web, multimedia, print.
  • Ongoing development of all support material.


Expertise in project management and generating traffic for your events.

  • Seminars.
  • Shows & Roadshows.
  • Thematic Events…

Sales Force Incentive Programmes

  • Proposal of sales events for sales force and distribution network.
  • Development of themes to bring the sales plan to life, prize selection.
  • Implementation of follow-up programme in line with results.

Operational Marketing Training

Our concrete approach and methodology are based on actual case histories.

  • Training sessions and workgroups
  • Bespoke training for companies with specific challenges
  • Coaching and Consultancy (pre and post-training)


We help businesses respond to specific challenges, whether it be providing training for a new Marketing Manager or rolling out a Europe-wide campaign.

Our Consultancy Services help companies create and implement the kind of marketing plan that brings results.