GEA develops playful internal communication workshops: GEA Values and You?

GEA is one of the world’s leading suppliers of systems and components for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It is an international industrial technology group, founded in 1881, whose areas of expertise include machine and plant design, development of cutting-edge technologies and processes, and components, combined with a comprehensive range of services.

With 18,000 employees and representation in 62 countries via subsidiaries or agents, the GEA Group develops the sustainability of production processes worldwide, in line with its raison d’être “engineering for a better world”.

To coincide with the GEA brand makeover, the Communications Departments at head office and at national level offered subsidiaries workshops to raise awareness of GEA’s 5 values, in order to build a corporate culture that supports the Group’s projects.

GEA Values and You?

5 values: Integrity – Excellence – Passion – Diversity – Responsibility

This was the theme of the workshop GEA employees attended to discuss these issues:

  • Find out more about GEA’s Values in 2023
  • Reflect on what the GEA Values mean to each employee
  • Discuss why these Values are important for GEA to share within teams
  • Discuss the impact of each Value on day-to-day work
  • Agree on a number of actions to be taken within teams.
Game board

A game and support materials to run the workshop

Teams of around ten employees are formed, with a captain and moderator appointed.

5 cubes illustrating each Value are made available to teams, individually, in the center of the table, during the dialogue and commitment exercise on each Value.

The cubes are passed from table to table after 20 minutes of workshop per Value.

Cube Valeur Intégrité à plat

Closing games

To close the exercise, several games :

  • team play, with personalities representing the company’s Values

A game board and clue cards will enable teams to guess a personality representative of each Value.

5 personalities to find, in teams

Carte Personnalité Passion
Carte Personnalité Excellence
  • Variation on the personality game: which personality/value do you embody?

Participants are given a turn of the head and a card by the person next to them, which they must not read.

The card features the name of a personality associated with one of the 5 Values.

(examples: Claudie Haigneré – Excellence, Nelson Mandela – Diversity, etc.).

As in the well-known game “Who is it?“, each participant tries to guess who he or she is (name of the personality on his or her card), during the round, by asking questions of the other participants. If the answer is YES, he/she asks a question again; if the answer is NO, the participant, if he/she has enough clues, can suggest an answer, and the next participant asks his/her question… And so on, until everyone has guessed the name of the personality he/she represents.

Gift vouchers are awarded to all participants.

To conclude

These fun, team-based activities around GEA’s Key Values help employees to work together, reflect on the meaning of these pillars of corporate culture, and develop a shared understanding of the company’s key commitments.

The implementation of actions follows seminars in the subsidiaries to develop the 5 Values in the day-to-day missions of employees.

The role of Marketing Tactics was to create the script for the game and the media capable of bringing employees together during this workshop, getting them to think together, take a step back and project themselves into carrying out actions associated with GEA’s 5 Values.

Sustainable materials were used in the production of these supports: single-flute cardboard, PEFC-labeled cardboard.

Article written by Caroline Lattard-Delaveau for Marketing Tactics