Flashy vs oxygenated ?

The design heats up in subtlety : typography, colors and visuals warm hearts…

The colors in 2014 are innovative because we are talking about new neutral and soft panoply of colors, full of oxygen in contrast to the brands that are to the point with bold and warm color schemes.

Others have followed the recommendations of Pantone who said “Radiant Orchid” as the color of the year. (Cadbury was the first to renew its packs in that direction).

Webdesign, besides the dish, the blocks, the parallax scrolling on sites that have already invaded our screens, the trend is to use typography ultraflat design and handwritten condensed. Ex: “Open“, “Transat“, “Duase” The buttons are big trends to simplify the “call to action” in the context of responsive design. The visuals are a priority and the quality of our photos determines the perceived value of your site.

Les Echos